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Today has been a struggle.

Today has been a difficult day. Gavin is really wearing me down. My patience is running dry. He is not listening to anything we tell him. He is become very disrespectful to Lizze. The PICA issue are getting more and disturbing. We have to watch his every move it seems.  We are trying to foster independence but right now that doesn’t seem to be possible. We can’t trust him or what he tells us. We randomly ask him this question: “have you eaten anything you weren’t supposed to?”. He will say “no” but we can tell by the way he says “no” whether or no he is lying. Then the challenge becomes figuring out what it is that he ate.  Every time we figure out what it is he ate I can’t imagine it getting worse. It continues to get worse. As I mentioned in a previous post he is now basicly licking the bathroom sink. What the hell are we supposed to do with that?

Lizze’s migraines are getting worse and neither one of us are getting any sleep. ER and EJ are also having a rough time dealing with the stress in the house. We need to find a way to reduce the stress and find it fast.


Autism and Comorbidity

Autism is challenging enough as it is. However, throwing in comorbidites is the really tough part because you rarely know what is what. We chase one symptom only to make another worse. In Gavin’s case we never really know what his capabilities are because he is so behaviorally limited by all the other disorders.


PICA Problems…..

We are struggling with PICA again with Gavin. Not sure if we are struggling again or we have just become aware of it again. Are there ways of discouraging it? Should we down play it? Or should we crack the whip so to speak?


Autism and PICA

I spoke a while back about Gavin eating tooth paste. We adjusted where it was kept and watched him closer. Well apparently he is now eating the tooth paste that is crusted over in the sink. He is also cleaning out the drain and eating that also. We try to keep the sink clean but don’t always stay on top of it.

The other problem is that he will to this when he asks to go to the bathroom. He apparently doesn’t always need to go. He’s looking for tooth paste. We are going to have to supervise is use of the bathroom period.

I just never ends……..


Autism and PICA

Gavin had a good day at school today. But he is once again complaining about tummy aches. The teachers don’t pay much attention anymore because he has cried wolf so many times (so they don’t feed into it per our request). If he’s actually sick that’s another story.

Got Gavin into the car and started talking about the tummy aches. Did something upset you at school today? To which he answered “no”. Then comes the question I hate to ask. “Gavin, have you been eating things that aren’t food”? He said “no”. I asked a few more times in different ways because that’s what it takes sometimes to find out what he has eaten.

—Disclaimer– The following items are things he has actually eaten.. – Not for those with a weak stomach—

We got home and I talked to Lizze and we talked to Gavin again. For those new to my family and our story Gavin also battles PICA. Gavin has ingested his own urine, paper,plastic fish,card board,carpet,the stitching out of 2 blankets,toe jam,dust bunnies,paint, several books,toilet paper,pencils,plastic from pens, crayons and mouth wash. This just some of the things we know for sure he has ingested. So when he clams up we know something is not right. After a little guess work on our parts he admitted to eating toothpaste. I don’t know how reliable the amount is but he is not going through a ton of toothpaste so he may actually be telling us the truth. I don’t think this has anything to do with the tummy aches but it took us a good hour or so to get the information.

Lizze was much more patient with him then I was so hats off to her. I cannot tell you how may trips to the hospital or doctors office I have personally (not including what Lizze has done) taken him on because of things he was eating. The hospital he has to go to is a 30 min drive each way on a good day. We have to error on the side of caution and assume he ate something he shouldn’t have. Especially when he complains of a stomach ache. Brushing his teeth was a independent thing for him. In light of this though it will have to be very closely monitored again.

There is never an easy day it seems when it comes to autistic children. All I can hope is that the world wakes up to the reality that it’s here now. These kids and their families need and deserve more support then is offered by the federal, state and local agencies. Now I will climb off my soap box and finish watching Glee on Hulu with my amazing wife.