Breaking The Silence of Autism

Autism and the school year

So I have been thinking. Wouldn’t Autistic children benefit from a year round school year. It would prevent or help to prevent the loss that occurs over summer break. The kids love and need their routine. It would also serve as a sort of respite for parents.

Gavin would benefit from this tremendously. He loses far to much progress during summer break. I know funding is an issue but there are always ways around that. Just a thought.


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  1. fiona2107

    We are in Australia and we *do* have school all year round.
    The year is divided into 4 terms (semesters) and they are about 10 weeks each with 2 weeks holiday at the end of each term.
    In December we have the “Christmas holidays” break which go for 6-7 weeks and that is the time when we as parents go crazy having our kids home that long!
    I truly think that the system that your children have would make things extra difficult.
    Good luck!

    June 17, 2010 at 5:12 pm

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